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Embark on a Journey to Grow From Within

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Ready to bloom into who you truly are?

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Honored to bloom with you!


Welcome Brave Human,

I'm Lori, your Blooming Coach.

I am so thrilled you were called to my website!

I would love to share with you a little about my story.


I was once a former Salon owner and master hair stylist for about 20+ years, who was chasing happiness through external beauty. I found validity in that, or so I thought. Through years and years of constant comparison, I came to realize that what mattered was befriending my true self. Instead of believing the stories that others created for me, I started designing a story of my own through the lens of self-love and self-compassion.

With that said, I am now a licensed Integral Coach and healer. 

For many years I felt the called to help women recognize their beauty within themselves.

That's where one's true beauty lies.

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Grow Within 1:1

Integral coaching from a place of self-growth using practices and awareness fully supported with compassion.

Brave to Shave

A love-led shaving ritual ceremony, for those who have been impacted by cancer and hair-loss.

The Sisterhood Collective 

Women's Circle & Ceremonies

Connecting with community through sharing circles and cacao ceremonies.

724,87, 821, 911 10-1130 AM FitZen 4 Women 2717 Encinal Ave.png

Feeling called to share?

Join the women's sharing circle where you will come together with women to heal, and unite in sisterhood through vulnerability, and connection.

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What Beautiful Humans Say

Elizabeth S.

Working with Lori has been such a gift. She’s been a phenomenal guide in helping me reconnect to the inner wisdom of my heart. My health, creativity, and self-worth have greatly benefitted, and I’ve been excited to see measurable progress.

Christina V.

It was such an honor to be one of Lori’s first clients as I truly believe she has found her calling. I worked with her on body image issues and self-compassion. She gave me exercises that really helped me shift the narrative I tell myself.

Nora A.

Since meeting with Lori I've found more peace in the present and inner knowing. She is full of great information and gifted at bringing out raw emotion.

I am living a life of abundance and so thankful for this reset!

Stacy C.

I found Lori’s one-on-one coaching invaluable and a gift of happenstance. I was experiencing a very low point in my life, with unprocessed grief and heartbreak. I was fortunate enough to come to know Lori through her Sisterhood Collective healing circles which lead to one-on-one coaching. I will be forever grateful for help and guidance.


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 I'd be honored to chat with you.

Let the Blooming begin!

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