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Hello Beautiful People,

Bio page

A little about Me

I am so thrilled you were called to my website!

I would love to share with you a little about my story.


I was once a former Salon owner and master hair stylist for about 20+ years, who was chasing happiness through external beauty. I found validity in that, or so I thought. Through years and years of constant comparison, I came to realize that what mattered, was befriending my true self. Instead of believing the stories that others created for me, I started designing a story of my own through the lens of self-love and self-compassion.

With that said, I am now a licensed Integral Coach and healer. 

For many years I felt the call to help women recognize their beauty within themselves.

That's where one's true beauty lies.

What really drives me is building strong connections among women and supporting them through their healing journey. This was a gift I always knew I had inside of me.


I found the more people I touched in this way, the deeper my development grew, and the closer I came to my true purpose.

I am here to help others heal, to grow… to BLOOM. 

Besides coaching, family has always been a big part of my foundation. I love spending time with my husband and our two beautiful children in Alameda, California. 

Nature and meditation helps me feel grounded and connect with my inner beauty. I also love traveling to discover diverse communities, and love to immerse myself in live music.

These are just some of my mediums for healing and how I find my way deeper into my coaching practice.

I look forward to connecting with you soon, as I believe there are no coincidences.


Cant wait to support you! Xo


My Vision

I am here to help cultivate your soul and witness you grow.


I aim to compassionately guide you towards unconditional love for yourself so you can radiate from the inside out. 

By embracing your inner beauty you will bloom

into all that you're meant to be.

At times, though we may feel we've been buried,

we've only just been planted. 

     Embark to Grow from within.


Through love & compassion,
I am here to help you bloom into 
all that you are meant to be.
- Bloom with Lori

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