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The Sisterhood Collective

Women's Sharing Circle


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So happy you found yourself here.

Welcome to our supportive, healing and loving women's circle.

This is a safe space bringing women together to share what's in their hearts,

and learn from a place of Vulnerability and Trust.


Live Ukulele Music

Cacao Offering

Guided Energy Meditation

Shared Humanity 

Deep Reflection




The In-person Circles take place

at Yoga Amansala,1217 Park St. Alameda California. 

 Upcoming dates:

Sunday, October 29th, 2023


What you need to know:

 - These unique circles fill up quickly. Please RSVP ASAP.

- Payment must be made in full upon reservation. Link will be provided.

- To keep circles intimate, they hold up to 9 women. 

Congratulate yourself for embarking on a journey

to unify and nurture our community.

Body, mind and spirit, a way of ultimate self-care

Can't wait to be with you!


 For any questions/concerns, you can reach out to me personally at:




Join the Circle

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