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Embodying the Lotus Within

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

I have always been a healer I guess, if I really think about it. I have always wanted others to feel their very best…even when I didn’t feel my best. It brought me joy to see a client in my salon chair smile from ear to ear when I unveiled their new hair color or fresh cut and blow dry.

As the years went on, I kept feeling a pull as I finally listened to my heart and felt my truth swimming up to the surface of my life, to tell my clients about how my life was changing. How I was seeing life from a different lens. I no longer cared about the gossip magazines (that I once coveted… BELIEVE me) and small talk as much. I wanted to connect with the women in my chair. I wanted to be more vulnerable. I realized that when I shared deep feelings about my life, others trusted me and shared as well. That connection helped me to uncover personal blocks in my life and heal little by little. As these strong bonds deepened with many of my clients, I heard things like, I swear I come here more for there conversation than the hair at this point.. Or thank you for this beautiful conversation today, it really helped me… As I heard and felt these feelings, it occurred to me that this was when I was the most happy at my job. When I helped clients feel good on the inside as well as on the outside. When there was a mutual teaching and learning element to the 2 hour visit is when I felt alive.

Fast forward to COVID-19 Lockdown, kids home on Zoom, life showing us all that it can do in an instant. I decided to leave hairdressing and be with my family. My kids needed me and that was it. I grieved the loss of my identity, my socialization and my income. I trusted. I prayed. I surrendered. My deep longing of helping others in a spiritual and deeper way whispered inside of me.. But how I asked? A few months later, I was introduced to New Ventures West, where I would sign up and take a year long course and where I stared myself in the face and in the heart and in the soul and it was here where I would really learn how to deeply find my wisdom, compassion and love for myself. It was here that I cultivated my wholeness and looked into myself and my heart for answers.It was here that I humbly learned to embody the lotus flower. A lotus can not bloom without mud and muck. I have found a way to welcome that mud in order to fully appreciate my beauty. Have I found every answer all of my questions? Nope. I have found a new way of being though. One that takes the time to check in with myself, one that trusts myself and one who is truly loving all parts of myself for the first time ever.

So here I am. A woman that has quite a life story, with the courage to heal my trauma, a deep desire to serve and a deep calling to heal myself as I help heal others. I am on a quest to take what I know and what I don’t know and use it for the greater good. I feel so strongly to walk in my purpose, to be an agent of change and to use my big, open heart to give love and support to woman who are on a healing journey. It is all about love. Self love and spreading love and healing through love. The very cool part of my new way of being is that I am being called to use my previous career and my coaching and blend it together for one big giant love fest. How awesome is that!?

Helping people heal is my calling. I feel and know in all of my soul that we all need vulnerability, compassion and someone to see and hear us. To learn how to sit in mucky waters and still manage to bloom brilliantly. It would be my honor to do that together.

Much love to all!


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