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My Offerings

Providing you with Compassion and Support

To book an offering and for any other questions you can get in touch with me at

Glow From Wihin Offering
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Grow From Within 1:1

You might be curious… Lori, just what is an Integral Coach?

Integral Coaching helps support living from a place of true purpose and



It focuses on the body’s 3 intelligence centers, the head, the heart, and the body. With compassion and support, I will hold a safe space for you to connect with your inner knowing.


Using tailor made self-care and inner-growth methods, to help guide you in integrating ease, joy, and love for yourself.


Together, we will plant the seed for you to grow from within

$165/1 hr Session

Brave To Shave


This is a special healing and empowering ceremony I provide for women going through cancer whom may experience hair loss and need their hair to be shaved. I blend my coaching and healing work with my 22 years of hair dressing expertise to provide a transformational and pivotal experience.


Many that go through this journey of hair loss have to do it in their bathrooms or go into a salon and perhaps feel discomfort to be in front of strangers while doing something that is so difficult.


In my time as being a coach and healer, I have developed a special, sacred ritual to which women with cancer or hair loss can take their power back, feel supported, loved and be totally and completely vulnerable all at once.

Click below to learn more details & FAQ on your sacred ceremony.

Woman with cancer opens her arms in a natural space thanking for a new opportunity. She we
Brave to Shave Offeing
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The Sisterhood Collective

This is a collective of women who come together to heal, connect and grow in community.

I offer both ceremonies, and circles in-person/online.


The Women's Circle:


There is something so magical about sharing what is on your heart, your intentions,

and listening to other wise women share that opens up a space, a healing space inside of you.

It is like no other feeling. 


The Cacao Ceremony:

Get in touch with your heart space in this sacred ceremony as we lead 

intentionally with love and prayer, while honoring ourselves and Mama Cacao.

You can RSVP your spot by visiting the links above.

Sisterhod Collectve
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