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A virtual, intimate 6 week group coaching program for brave women who are seeking love within themselves so they can reclaim their true beauty 

Plant your seed.

Breakthrough new ground.

Blossom into your truest self.

Bravely Choose Yourself,
starting Wednesday, October 25th


Book a 20 minute call to apply 

This program is designed for you IF...

~ You know in your heart, life has more to offer you, but you are finding
it hard to take a leap of faith.

I know how scary it is to say yes to your life. Say yes to softening into even the idea that you

can make time for yourself, meet your life where it is and trust that if you plant that one seed, it

will grow into a beautiful blooming you. The amazing thing about group coaching is the way

one learns and grasps information through the sharing and vulnerability of others as well as

your own personal coaching. 

~ You are ready to explore a new part of yourself, and see what happens.

It is no coincidence that you are here looking at this program. Something you may know


nothing about, is deep inside of you ready to explore. The answers are just under the surface..

Ready to break through and bloom. 

~ You feel burnt out, like you are just “getting by” nothing is wrong… yet, you're not happy,.. You just can’t put your finger on it.

Oftentimes,  we are supposed to be happy if we are checking the boxes of life… So why

am I not full of happiness and joy? The wild thing is….YOU already know what it is! That

knowing  just needs a little refreshing. It needs to be replanted, loved, watered and

warmed by the sun in your heart. You are doing so amazing, you just need to sow your

own garden for a while.

~ You desire more subtle joy and delight in your daily life.

What would it feel like to connect with the smallest delights throughout your day? To

actually be able to name them? To be able to, even during really difficult times, be

aware of life’s small joys? Joy is connection. In this program, you will have connection

with other people in the course, and you will have the opportunity and time to connect

with yourself, to explore and perhaps revisit, what it is that delights you!


As A licensed Integral Coach, healer and Ceremony facilitator, I have done and AM doing all this work on  myself. I am doing the healing right next to you. I am a human being working through being softer, finding subtle joy, and planting my own seeds to grow. That is what sets this program apart. I am here WITH you and FOR you fully. I am not telling you how I think you should be from a text book… I am living this from my heart! It is time for us all to shine our lights, make our magic, and be who we really are supposed to be in all of our true essence! Come on this journey with me as we share, bond and grow together!

Book a 20 minute call to apply 



In this unique, breakthrough 6 week coaching journey, together, we will go through a true blooming cycle. Just as a flower blooms towards the sun, we will embody the experience of growth and true beauty from within. It’s a perfect way for you to put yourself first, and experience how delicate life is, how truly beautiful you are and all you offer to this world!


Week 1: Planting the Seed.

 What is it that brought you here? Perhaps you are working through a block or barrier to your happiness? Or do you have a dream in your life that you find out of reach? Whatever you bring to week one is your “seed planting”. We will take that offering or “seed” and plant it in the Universe, nurture it and help it to grow in the weeks to come. 


Week 2: Germination of the Seed

In week 2, we will feel into how the seed feels now that it is planted into the garden of possibility. 

Before the seed can grow, It has to be independent from the idea of just being a seed… It means that we will explore how you can start trusting yourself and what you need to nurture this idea. 


Week 3&4: Rooting and Growing

In weeks 3 and 4 we will root and ground into the possibility of this new way of life we are creating together. I will give each person in this group special practices to assist in integration and development. This will help you root your new idea, or seedling so that it can grow into a new beautiful blooming flower. This is a very important step. When we can really root into our happiness and inner beauty, we start to believe it be so. Our dreams and goals can become a reality. 


Week 5: Blooming Into Who You Really Are

In this week, we will explore who you are NOW. With the tools you will learn, the awareness you have gained and the small life tweaks you have developed and trusted to really have bloomed into who you are now. Life is not easy, and our humanity can be a lot to hold. In this 6 weeks, you have seen and experienced life with a new set of eyes. You have seen how to nourish yourself, to be gentle with yourself, and how to put yourself first. You have bloomed and will continue to do just that!


Week 6: Spreading Your Seeds to Help Others

This is such an important week of the program. Most of us have partners, family and kids of our own. This week is where we can explore spreading our beautiful seeds to others in our lives. It's a new perspective on how we see life. How we show up in this world. It can be as simple as holding your tongue, having compassion for a situation, saying I love you, telling the truth. The list goes on and on… You have the confidence and the inner beauty to show up in a different way. You did this work- be proud of it.. Show it OFF!

Book a 20 minute call to apply 


My 1:1 coaching is $185 x 6 = $1,110

But for $333 You get...

  • Weekly 15 mins each personalized coaching

  • Safe group container to learn and grow through and with others

  • Connecting in community with women that are on the same path

  • All sessions recorded as an additional resource.

Book a 20 minute call to apply 

Stacey R., CA

"I was fortunate enough to come to know Lori through her Sisterhood Collective healing circles which lead to one-on-one coaching.  Her coaching felt organic and fluid and never forced.  Her ideas and suggestions were insightful and creative and presented with care and positivity."

Andrea K., CA

Being with Lori is always an inspiration to me. I know that  when we finish a visit together I’m going to walk away with clarity, optimism and direction. She has a truly unique introspection that allows her to put life into proper perspective. Lori can find the bigger picture and true meaning in even the most challenging situations. She has the honest ability to find and present the positive without sugar coating the real parts of life. She is one of the most genuine people I know and walks through life with true compassion. Two words I think of when I think of Lori are fierce and driven!

Elizabeth S., AL

Working with Lori has been such a gift. She’s been a phenomenal guide in helping me reconnect to the inner wisdom of my heart. My health, creativity, and self-worth have greatly benefitted, and I’ve been excited to see measurable progress.



What is an Integral Coach, and what is your background in leading this group?


 Why group coaching, should I do it 1:1?


What if I can't attend a session?


I don’t like to share in front of people, can I pass?

An Integral Coach is a unique type of coach. It is a heart led coaching technique where subtle practices may be offered to integrate into your life. It is a love based, gentle and supported coaching style. I have been coaching since 2020. I also lead women’s groups and Cacao Ceremonies in Alameda, Ca. My sweet spot in what I do is small groups.

Group coaching is so helpful because many times we see the truth in us from another person's share. I also love the humanity of feeling less alone. The vulnerability of a group is also such a beautiful healing modality. These groups are really special. I also offer a deep discount on 1:1 sessions through this program if you are finding you would like extra support. 

The sessions will be recorded for our group only. If you do have to miss, you can watch the recording back. Other people's coaching may really help you for the week you missed. 

Honestly, the healing is in the sharing. Nobody that I know (including myself) loves to share in front of people. This is a safe container to be just who you are at that  moment. You are guided and loved through it all.

Plant your seed & Bloom with me


One Time Launch Offer

For any questions, and info get in touch with me here

Book a 20 minute call to apply today


Additional 1:1 personalized coaching (2 sessions, Total of 2.5 hrs)
(Value: $330 → $222 when you join)

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